Wolfgang Nagl

Lorenzo Neri

Quynh Trang Nguyen

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

My name is Quynh Trang Nguyen. I am a PhD student at the Department of Economics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

My research focuses on quantitative finance. I have one bachelor's degree in Finance and one in Mathematics. I have earned my master's degree in Mathematics with a focus in Statistics.

Charles Nolan

Michael Nolan

University of Hull

Dr Michael Nolan was appointed Lecturer in Economics at the University of Hull in February 2002, and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in August 2006. He's been on an 80% contract since August 2012.
He was Lecturer in Economics at the University of St Andrews from September 1995 to February 2002.
Prior to that, he'd been at Hull as lecturer 1994/95, tutor 1990-94, and research assistant 1989-90.
Dr Nolan read for a BSc(Econ) in Economics and Econometrics in his home city of Hull, achieving a 1st.

Jonathan Norris

Michael Nower

Durham University

Assistant Professor in Economics at Durham University. Interested in International Trade, Productivity and Development Economics

Kaelo Ntwaepelo

Ole Henning Nyhus

NTNU Social Research

I am a senior researcher working at NTNU Social Research, department Center for economic research in Trondheim, Norway. My main research interests are labor economics, economics of education and public economics/finance.