Jackie Caldwell

Sergio Cappellini

University of Padua

I have recently completed my Ph.D. studies at Bocconi University and joined the University of Padua as Post-doctoral Researcher in Economics. My main interests are in Information Economics and Macroeconomics. The paper I will present at the 2022 SES Conference studies the role of worker profiling in unemployment assistance and provides criteria to improve the cost-effectiveness of existing profiling programs.

Bei Chen

Binzhi Chen

Grivas Chiyaba

Dimitris Christelis

David Comerford

Conrad Copeland

Office for Budget Responsibility/University College London

Lara Coulier

Ghent University

I'm a third year PhD Student at Ghent Unversity, Department of Economics. My research is mainly related to empirical macroeconomics, macroprudential policy, and monetary policy.

Paul Cowell